Find the Right Diagnosis to Implement the Proper Care

Get expert mentoring and consultations to discover new strategies to heal the root cause of rare and difficult to diagnose diseases.

Discover the Problem To Find the Cure

Rare diseases are hard to pinpoint and easy to misdiagnose. Unfortunately, without a clear diagnosis, any treatment offered is unlikely to heal the patient’s root causes of illness – which means their condition deteriorates while you’re left scratching your head.

Modern medical training is mostly geared toward prescribing medication – which is an important tool in treating your patients if you know what they’re suffering from.

The good news is that healing is possible. If you can find which tests to do and what the results mean, you can help your patients get better by giving them the proper treatment.

Always Consider The Source Of Information

Practicing medicine is a healing art, which means there’s no one right way to do it. Anything we teach, we’ve spent years practicing and discovering what works and what doesn’t. Our mentoring is designed to help you diagnose, treat, and create protocols for:

  • Mold Toxicity &
  • Mycotoxins
  • Lyme Disease
  • Bartonella & Co-Infections
  • Mast Cell Activation
  • Porphyria
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Poisoning
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Here’s what one of my mentees has to say about the mentorship program:

Find Out Where To Get Help

Dr. Nathan is now offering mentorship for physicians, consultations for patients and their doctors, and patient resources for people who would like to know more.


Apply for mentorship so you can learn to test, diagnose, and treat rare diseases here.


Get answers to specific questions for your unique healing journey here. 

Patient Resources

Learn more about rare diseases, and find a doctor near you, here.

Make Yourself Obsolete

I joke that by actually healing my patients, I make my position as their doctor obsolete. Yet my 49 years of medical practice was booked solid with referrals of very sick patients who had fallen through the medical cracks and desperately needed help.

I’ve cured tens of thousands of people to heal their root causes, because I was never satisfied with leaving illnesses to mystery, or leaving healing to wishful thinking.

I also experienced a close call with my own illness, which offered me a new appreciation for life and the doctors who can help prolong it and make it livable again.

My calling is to pass this important healing knowledge on to you and next generation of doctors, so that you can set aside the band-aids and find proven methodologies to diagnose and cure very sick people.

Here’s what my colleagues have to say about my work:

Meet Your Mentors

Dr. Neil Nathan

Putting integrity before profits, Dr. Nathan has steadfastly refused to be endorsed by any lab, product, or technique, so that patients and doctors know there’s no conflict of interest. His bestselling book, “Toxic,” has helped people suffering from chronic illnesses that are the result of exposure to environmental toxins.

Dr. Jill Crista

On her mission to raise medical literacy about mold and mold-related illness, Dr. Jill Crista is an expert on neuroinflammatory conditions. As an an author, educator, and Naturopathic Doctor, healing brings her a sense of joy and purpose. Her bestselling book, “Break the Mold,” helps people arm themselves with reliable, effective ways to conquer mold.

Get online mentoring from medical experts and bestselling authors who have dedicated their lives to researching and implementing strategies to heal people with rare conditions. Get lifetime access to all professionally filmed mentoring sessions, as well as a group listserv where members get valuable insight into their patient cases.

Access The Best Medical Knowledge Available

Use the latest methodology to help you diagnose and treat your patients with strategies that have been proven to work.

Step 1: Apply for Mentoring

If you’re a physician with prescriptive authority, we look forward to your joining us for mentoring.

Step 2: Attend Online Sessions

Find new methods to diagnose and treat rare diseases. Ask questions live, then review all the recorded trainings on your time. 

Step 3: Implement the Cure

Learn more about rare diseases, and find a doctor near you, here.

Your Patients Are Counting On You To Help Them

I know that treating rare illnesses and diseases is hard. I spent my life doing it and writing books about how to do it. You may be the only hope for thousands of sick people out there who don’t know where to turn for help, and can’t help themselves.

Apply For Mentoring

To apply for mentoring, please fill in this application, then click the “Apply For Mentoring” button.

All mentoring sessions are held on Zoom, from 9am – 12pm Pacific time. They include live discussion with the mentors and peers. You are asked to submit an active patient case you’re working on, prior to meeting.

The fee is only $100 per mentoring session, to make it more accessible to everyone. An email will follow with login instructions, a link to the listserv and links to recordings.

Please show up to mentoring sessions having watched or participated in the workshop.

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Apply For Consultation

  1. Make sure you find a physician who will see you face to face, and is willing and able to both work with us, as well as order labs and prescriptions as needed.
  2. Check availability by emailing us at
  3. Before we schedule, you will need a Realtime Labs mycotoxins tests and/or a Great Plains mycotoxins test. If applicable, get the Igenex Immuno Blot testing for Lyme disease (these are not affiliate links).
  4. Please send me a brief summary of your health history along with test results.

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